Hello, my name is Cassidy and I am the creator and co-founder of Button Up For Cancer, an organization designed to use buttons to provide help and support for individuals with cancer. As a two time breast cancer survivor I am well aware of the physical, emotional, financial and mental strain that accompanies a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments. During chemotherapy and radiation treatments, not to mention surgeries and hospital stays, it was the little things that kept me going such as a card from a friend, henna tattoo on my bald head, handmade hats and scarves donated to chemo centers, a kind gesture of love and support from a stranger, and a fun pair of earrings. I believe it is the small everyday things that have the greatest impact on our lives. With that in mind I decided to take something that is so common I would argue that everyone has a pile, box, bag or jar of them lying somewhere in their house and turn these mundane but essential items into something beautiful.  So I put my ever-growing button collection to good use and started making button earrings. What started as a creative endeavor to uniquely accessorize myself and a few friends and family members has evolved into a dream and hope that something as small as a button can provide support, strength and financial assistance to those fighting the all too common disease of cancer. Thus Button Up for Cancer was born. Please support our cause by buying a pair, or 5, of button earrings. Join me and Button Up for Cancer!