When Cassidy was diagnosed with breast cancer it shook the entire family. I believe I was the newest addition to the family. I had married Cassidy's sister only a couple months earlier so I didn't know exactly how I could show support or even process the emotion around it. My wife was obviously devastated and spent many days worrying, crying and talking with her friends and loved ones in an attempt to process a difficult and unknown prognosis.


Cassidy was too young and healthy to have cancer. It had to be a mistake, but as things boiled down she did indeed have cancer and she began chemo therapy treatments. Therapeutic? Now that's debatable. I felt so sad for her, being a young active college student and dealing with cancer. It had to be difficult. So I wrote a song portraying what I imagined would be some of the emotional battles a person with cancer might feel. It's not exactly a song to get you excited, but hopefully an honest and real song. A song to connect with in the vulnerable place of a cancer fighter. Here's to the fighters as well as the supporters. The song says "I'll have to fight this one alone" I hope no one actually fights alone, but I imagine it feels that way.